Position: General Committee
Location: Agility


Danielle joined FDOC in 2013 with her first dog, Ty, a Golden Retriever Beagle cross. She commenced 12 months of obedience classes then in 2014 and started flyball. Flyball was a fun activity to learn with Ty and when he did good box turns and learned how to do crossovers Ty and Danielle started to train with the flyball team. Ty found Flyball too strenuous and in the winter of 2014 they found out that agility was having a video information session so decided to sit in. Danielle ended up doing agility with Ty and before she knew it they were competing in agility competitions. Danielle took Ty to Masters level in agility and jumping. 
She now has two German Shorthaired Pointers, Sadie who competes in agility. Sadie has her Jumping Dog title. Her other GSP is Kona and although she is at Masters level in agility she trains in flyball with Danielle's partner, Brian. Kona was part of the winning team Division 5 in the flyball nationals last year. Danielle now has a new Kelpie, Bonnie and is looking forward starting in puppy classes this year.